WSF FundMe Tool

This tool enables young independent civic society organizations to receive financial support to implement activities of social value in their local communities and internationally.

What kind of activities are supported?

The activity should adhere to one of the main 7 themes of WSF:

Peace and Security

Intercultural communication

Youth empowerment

Anti-xenophobia and Diversity

Women rights


International conflict resolution

The scope framework of the activity can vary and is not limited. Activity can take place in different frameworks (conferences, trainings, workshops, exhibitions, street action campaign).

When should I apply?

It is recommended to apply at least 2-3 weeks before the scheduled activity is expected to take place.

When will I know if the applications has been successful?

Applications are assessed on a rolling basis and results communicated within 7 working days. The assessors may as well contact you for further information about the activity during the period.