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Women Rights Archives – World Solidarity Forum

Info Article: The Spotlight Initiative

Violence against women is a one of the most common form of human rights violation in the world. The UN estimates that: 35% of women worldwide reported experience of either physical and/or sexual. In some countries, this figure goes up to 70%. Worldwide, more than 700 million women alive today were married as children. Of

Contribution: If We Stop, The World Stops

This article is a contribution to our blog by our volunteer Paola Hernandez. She joined the World Solidarity Forum as volunteer in 2017, where she helps organising events and collaborating in the realisation of future projects. She thinks we should all be able to start conversations that make us uncomfortable to achieve a positive change

Event Report: Gender Inequality in the EU Institutions

March is the month when the International Women Day happens. We at the World Solidarity Forum believe it should not just be a day to celebrate women and remember all the fights and struggles that happened to guarantee them important rights. It should also be the occasion to inspire us to work harder to make

Event Report: The World Solidarity Forum Launch Event – EU Global Strategy: Conflict Resolution and Women Empowerment

On July 13, 2017, the World Solidarity Forum hosted its official launch event at the Press Club Brussels Europe. After one year of successful events, initiatives and new partnerships with different organisations, it was time to officially celebrate the success of a platform that brings together NGOs and activists interested in human rights. The event