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Conference Archives – World Solidarity Forum

Event Report: Fight for Independence – Human Right or Political Game?

The question if homogeneous cultural groups living in territories that are part of a broader nation have the right to ask for independence and create a new self-governed, independent State separated from their previous country appears in different parts of the world. Within Europe the Catalan independence referendum has made headlines, as did the Scottish

Event Report: Between Nuclear Power, Politics and Humanity

Nuclear proliferation is one of the main security concern of the last seventy years as nuclear war could lead to a catastrophe of global proportions. To avoid such scenario, the international community put in place systems to mitigate the ownership and use of nuclear armaments but a number of States already own or have come

Event Report: The Oppression of Free Voices

On the 23rd November 2017, the World Solidarity Forum hosted an event aiming to shed light on what the EU can do to protect the right to free speech of individuals who are oppressed because of their opinion in its foreign policy. Activists, journalists and opposition figures are punished by the government, by the military

Event Report: The World Solidarity Forum Launch Event – EU Global Strategy: Conflict Resolution and Women Empowerment

On July 13, 2017, the World Solidarity Forum hosted its official launch event at the Press Club Brussels Europe. After one year of successful events, initiatives and new partnerships with different organisations, it was time to officially celebrate the success of a platform that brings together NGOs and activists interested in human rights. The event

Event Report: Migration Talks #3 – The Global Race for Talents

The EU Parliament welcomes the Migration Talks! The recent conference “The Global Race for Talents”, co-organised by Uphold Europe (UE) and the World Solidarity Forum (WSF) in collaboration with the MEP Brando Benifei, stirred quite a debate at the European Parliament around the revision of the EU Blue Card Scheme.     EU Blue Card