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Article Archives – World Solidarity Forum

Contribution: How the Lack of Freedom of Expression Undermines Democracy

Written by Aída Araceli Patiño Álvarez What distinguishes a democratic regime from one that is not is the absolute respect for the human rights of its inhabitants. Liberal democracy, established in Western countries and widely extended – after the fall of the Berlin Wall – in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, has among its

Info Article: Journalists Under Attack – How Can We Help Them?

Our values of human rights, peace, democracy and the protection of the most vulnerable all depend on our ability to know when there are people and actions that violate them. As such our societies need free, independent information channels that can rely news about what is happening. These channels need professional journalists who are doing

Info Article: The Spotlight Initiative

Violence against women is a one of the most common form of human rights violation in the world. The UN estimates that: 35% of women worldwide reported experience of either physical and/or sexual. In some countries, this figure goes up to 70%. Worldwide, more than 700 million women alive today were married as children. Of

Contribution: If We Stop, The World Stops

This article is a contribution to our blog by our volunteer Paola Hernandez. She joined the World Solidarity Forum as volunteer in 2017, where she helps organising events and collaborating in the realisation of future projects. She thinks we should all be able to start conversations that make us uncomfortable to achieve a positive change

Event Report: Gender Inequality in the EU Institutions

March is the month when the International Women Day happens. We at the World Solidarity Forum believe it should not just be a day to celebrate women and remember all the fights and struggles that happened to guarantee them important rights. It should also be the occasion to inspire us to work harder to make

Contribution: Hybrid Regimes – The Case of Mexico

This article is a contribution to our blog by our volunteer Aída Araceli Patiño Álvarez, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law at the University of Antwerp. We thank her for this great piece. The late third wave of democratization, that started after the fall of the Berlin Wall, could be better seen as a

Contribution: The Impact of the USA Picking Sides in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Written by María Maldonado The status of the city of Jerusalem has been long-disputed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict due to religious and cultural meaning. A successful peace process would implicate an agreement over its recognition as the capital of either Israel or Palestine, and given the complexity of the conflict, the UN considered that the status

Info Article: The Voices of Our Volunteers Are Coming to Our Blog

The World Solidarity Forum constantly campaigns for the respect of human rights globally, for a more active effort of the international community in conflict resolutions, for the end of violence on women in war zones and everywhere else, for a sustainable development global agenda and for other causes that can lead to a better tomorrow.

Event Report: Fight for Independence – Human Right or Political Game?

The question if homogeneous cultural groups living in territories that are part of a broader nation have the right to ask for independence and create a new self-governed, independent State separated from their previous country appears in different parts of the world. Within Europe the Catalan independence referendum has made headlines, as did the Scottish