Institute of Strategic Communication

ISC Paris is an institute that aims to bring people closer to the world around them by raising awareness on subjects that matter. Whether we talk about politics, economics or social issues, ISC offers a wide range of trainings, conferences and seminars on various topics meant to enrich and develop one’s knowledge and skills.

The Critique

The Critique is an independent publication based in the UK focused on bringing to light international cultural movements, ideas and individuals. We explore a range of issues plaguing our world and assess the dynamic between state and non-state actors in dealing with those. We  provide decidedly more nuanced commentary.

Independent Skies Magazine

Independent Skies Magazine was founded on the premise of displaying the voice of today’s youth. Initiated and maintained by high school graduates and college students, the magazine aims to refocus the attention of ageing decision makers. The young population deserves opportunities to prove they are worthy of respect and acknowledgement, like, for example,  establishing a platform for the free exchange of ideas, passion and innovation.


iCOMPASSION-Ubuntu is a social movement dedicated to connecting empathy with action in order to raise awareness about social issues and inspire acts of compassion every day. Specifically, it aims to support women and children who are victims of physical and sexual violence in the Great Lakes countries (Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda) through education, training, and strengthening their autonomy.

Nari Sewa Kendra - Nepal

Nari Sewa Kendra (NSK) focuses on community development  by identifying the needs of poor women in Pokahara, Nepal, and evaluating the feasibility and implementation of projects aimed at improving their lives.p. NSK organises a wide range of activities and services to enable the needy, in particular women and underprivileged, to get a better livelihood, more self-reliance and to gain confidence in decision making and planning.

New Hope for Girls Organization

New Hope for Girls Organization (NHGO) is a non-profit organisation working in the best interest of young girls and vulnerable women in Tanzania. The organisation is dedicated to helping young girls and women and provide them with the opportunity to develop in a positive and safe environment. NHGO also offers counseling services and accommodation for girls affected by trauma, anxiety and other mental health issues. Most of the girls come from very poor families and have faced mental, physical and sexual abuse.

Women Mentor Association

Women Mentor Association is a mentoring program that aims to inspire women & girls to reach out to other women, through the simple act of offering guidance and insight, help them achieve their personal and professional aspirations.In response, we have developed an innovative solution that combines mentoring with technology to offer cross-border support for women & girls