January 30, 2017


Name European Youth for Human Rights / World Solidarity Forum Categories Conference , Workshop



Press Café – Territories Torn Apart. How Can The EU Take Action?

EYfHR proposed a series of events that focus solely on bringing light to matters very much actual, but long forgotten conflicts. Given the events in the summer 2016, the first thematic series introduced the conflict of Kashmir, which  has made victims for the last 70 years, becoming the longest lasting conflict and is the cause of the most militarised area in the world. This year, the focus is on new unheard conflicts to bring light to serious situations around the world with the first event of the year “Territories torn apart. How can the EU take action?”. In order to create the setting for an in depth conversation, European Youth for Human Rights and World Solidarity Forum organised the event as a Press Café with the only focus of getting solutions to these problems from our participants. The Press Café is part of a networking series where each participant has the opportunity to join a discussion circle of their interest. Rotation will take place every 20 minutes, enabling the participants to take part to three different thematic tables.
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