July 13, 2017


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WSF Launch Event – EU Global Strategy: Conflict Resolution and Women Empowerment

Conflicts have enormous impact on both the local populations, who live in a state of fear and insecurity due to the many violations of human rights, and on the global peaceful cooperation worldwide. Women are among the people most impacted, as they often bear the economic and social costs and in extreme cases their own body is used to torment them and their communities. It is therefore vital that the European community puts conflict resolutions and women empowerment at the core of its EU Global Strategy, using its resources to make the principle of peace become a reality across the globe. The World Solidarity Forum was created at the start of 2016 as a platform for cooperation between NGOs campaigning on human rights issues. After more than a year of successful initiatives, we would like to celebrate the well-tested and positive outcome of a collaborative space for different NGOs with an official launch event. Raising awareness about conflict resolution and women empowerment is one of the causes which motivated the four founding organisations to work together to create the platform, which is why these are the core topics of our launch event. Come to learn how the EU can work in conflict resolution and to protect the most vulnerable, like women or minorities. These topics will be discussed through the perspectives of representatives of EU decision-makers, as well as of top level academics, journalists and activists. Please note registration is compulsory. You can register here: https://goo.gl/o32BwY AGENDA 11.30 – Opening of Registrations 12.10 – Keynote Speech Soraya Post – MEP, Member of the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and of the Subcommittee on Human Rights 12.20 – Panel Debate with Q&A Wendt Susanne – Policy Officer in charge of the Governance Aspects of Agenda 2030, Division for Development Cooperation Coordination (EEAS) Mann Carol – Director, Women at War; Senior Lecturer in Gender and Armed Conflict at Université de Paris 8 Wahlgren Santos Juliana – Senior Advocacy and Network Development Officer, European Network Against Racim (ENAR) Panel Chair: Luca Cristina – Communication and Events Coordinator, World Solidarity Forum 13.20 – Closing Remarks De Bergh Marie-Laure – Deputy Head of Division Global 5 – Development and Cooperation Coordination, EEAS 13.30 – Networking lunch. We look forward to welcome you to the Press Club on Thursday 13th July!  
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