October 30, 2018


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Understanding Fast-Growing Refugee Crisis

Deteriorating security, climatic and economic conditions have the potential to keep worsening the ongoing migration flows of those fleeing from areas of instability. In Southeast Asia, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people are fleeing from discrimination, violence and the destruction of their homes in Myanmar. Its neighbouring country Bangladesh is struggling to cope with the raising number of incoming refugees. Around 1.3 million people are currently in need of humanitarian aid due to this crisis. The United Nations has stated that the Rohingya refugee crisis is the “world’s fastest growing refugee crisis” in the world. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean still maintains its key role as the main gateway to Europe. With the shift from the Central Mediterranean route towards the Western and Eastern sectors, WSF wants to put the focus on the situation of those refugees and migrants making this perilous journey. Accounts of brutality in Libya and hardship, violence and discrimination in the rest of the region forces to bring back the focus to those who risk so much to arrive to the EU. In a world where large refugee populations are here to stay WSF wants to initiate a two-level debate using the cases of Syria and Myanmar. The capacity of regional mechanisms to react to these crises in the global south will be examined both at material and political level further descending later into the national level where the sustainability of the refugee communities will be examined. List of Speakers: Lidia Marquéz García: Ms. Marquéz holds an International Master of Science in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from the University of Ghent. The focus of her Master thesis was ‘Climate Change and Depletion of Fishing Resources as Drivers of Human Migration to South Europe’. In addition, she participated in several occasions in the aid and support of the Eleonas refugee camps as a volunteer from the Project Elea. Nay San Lwin: Coordinator from Campaign Media Relations at the Free Rohingya Coalition. He was born in Buthidaung, and raised in Rangoon, has seen first-hand the sufferings of the Rohingya people. For the past 16 years, he has been documenting cases human rights violations and genocidal campaigns in Arakan State of Myanmar and sharing on Rohingya Blogger website, as well as with various radio, television channels and mainstream media outlets. Reshad Jalali: Policy Officer at the European Council on Refugees and Exiles. He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and Affairs from the Liverpool Hope University. Prior to his current position, he participated in the Greek Forum of Refugees for the National Contact Point of Belgium and volunteered at the International Perspective.
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