August 8, 2018


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The Unspoken Side of the Migration

The many struggles of the refugees in the European Union remain unspoken and far from resolved. There is a wrong belief that their safety is ensured once they arrive to Europe. In truth, the reality of a refugee in Europe is different than expected. The vulnerability of the refugees causes them to fall as victims of discrimination, violence, sexual assault and often trafficking. The World Solidarity Forum cares about exposing the situation of the incoming migrants in Europe. The lunch event organized by the WSF will cover the personal experiences of refugees, the lack of tolerance in society and cases of hate crimes, and the efforts of the European Institutions and law enforcement agencies to solve the crimes against refugees and disappearances of refugees in Europe. The first step to end the cases of violence and discrimination against a vulnerable sector of the society starts with raising awareness. Join the event, inform yourself and act. Speakers 1. Marta Welander – Executive Director of Refugee Rights Europe 2. Juliana Santos Wahlgren – Senior Advocacy and Network Development Officer at ENAR
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