October 11, 2018



The Shifting Status of Asylum Seekers in the EU

In a crucial political moment where high-ranked national politicians pride themselves of charging against NGOs rescuing migrants at sea, the issue of migration seems to have become a key factor behind the rise of a new wave of extremist populist platforms. Declarations, such as those of Deputy Prime Minister Salvini, are not a new trend in a continent where anti-immigration discourse has successfully infiltrated the political mainstream. The next European summits will have asylum and migration reforms at their core. Moreover, President Juncker has aimed at stemming the populist threat with a decisive proposal for strengthening European borders and asylum processing capacities. As Mr. Juncker said, the great premise of his last reform package is to create lasting solidarity after the collapse of the ad hoc mechanisms. Reformed asylum criteria, negotiations with third countries, and proposals for both, a new EU agency for Asylum and a European Border and Coast Guard, underpin the Commission´s view. A crucial question remains, will human rights and concretely the rights of asylum seekers be respected by the growingly anti-migration European capitals and by the European Union itself? World Solidarity Forum will be asking this question with the help of top-experts in a dynamic roundtable in which the audience is part of the discussion. Your opinion matters! Agenda 18:00 Registration 18:30 Discussion begins 19:30 End of discussion| Networking drinks begins 20:00 End of event
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