September 19, 2018


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The New Landscape of Terrorism Across Regions

The loss of territory of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) marked a victory in Syria and Iraq. However, a state of uncertainty has also raised as a number of issues remain unresolved. For instance, a possible reshaping of IS; anticipating the strategic territorial moves of terrorist groups across the region; clashes and convergences between terrorist groups; and the possibility of growth of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and affiliates; these are a few points that analysts are looking into as the landscape changes in the region. The role of organisations is crucial in anticipating the possible outcomes of this new landscape and in aiding the affected nation states. In this case the European Union has a relevant role as some of these issues affect the EU; how to handle the cases of foreign fighter returnees and minors returning to their home countries or a change in tactics of terrorism in EU grounds are examples. However, the support in the region must also be critically analyzed according to the amount of funding and the actual progress of counterterrorism measures and trainings. This event will focus on the landscape of terrorism in the MENA region while analyzing the involvement and role of the European Union. Several cases, ranging from specific cases of situations in states (i.e. Morocco) to measures against terrorist groups, will be discussed during this afternoon event organized by the World Solidarity Forum. Speakers and Agenda 18:00 – Registration 18:30 – Panel Discussion with the participation of the following speakers: 1. Serge Stroobants (Director of Operations for Europe and the MENA Region at the Institute for Economics and Peace) 2. Tahir Mahmood (Researcher and Expert on terrorism and radicalization) 3. Rafke Risseeuw (Middle East Analyst at the Brussels International Centre) 20:00 – Networking drinks
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