May 10, 2017


Name World Solidarity Forum / Uphold Europe



Migration Talks #3 – The Global Race for Talents

By the end of 2011 the European Council adopted adopted two proposals with the aim of establishing a framework for the admission of skilled and educated migrants to the EU under the name of the EU Blue Card Scheme, which was designed to make Europe a more attractive destination for non-European talents.

However, the stringent conditions made many people apply for one of the 28 national schemes rather than for the EU Blue Card, which became unpopular. For these reasons, a debate is currently taking place on how to improve it with the goal of making it more attractive for non-EU professionals.


Brando BenifeiMember of the European Parliament
Bodil Valero – Member of the European Parliament
Yana Toom – Member of the European Parliament
Arnold de Boer – UEAPME
Shamila Mahmood  – Cambridge University
Paulina Bury – Maastricht University

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