April 19, 2017


Name World Solidarity Forum / Uphold Europe



Migration Talks #2 – Entrepreneurs Amongst Us

The Second Migration Talks event brought together migrants who provided a new perspective on the challenges they face in Europe, and the difficulties of becoming an entrepreneur.


Erika Kaneza – Erika is a coach, conflict mediator and founder at Dare Authenticity Brussels.

Obada Otabashi – Obada is a young refugee from Syria and a Director of We Exist organisation in Brussels, which he also co-founded.

Barbara and Ahmed – Respectively the Director and the Refugee Representative from the Our House Project.

Aya Altun – A journalist from Turkey who shared his story about his journey to Belgium and how he plans to develop a Brussels office.

Madi Sharma – Madi is a businesswoman who currently runs the Madi Group, a group of private sector and not-for-profit companies.

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