By / 01/01/2019

Social media beyond the Arab Spring – changing what we see, think and experience about war and conflict

By now, we know the story all too well – the Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire to…

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By / 12/12/2018

Event Report: Global Terrorism Index 2018

On December 6th, 2018, the World Solidarity Forum collaborated with Institute for Economics and Peace to present the Global Terrorism…

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By / 12/10/2018

Event Report: The Right to Education: How can we Improve it?

On December 4th, 2018, World Solidarity Forum organized and event on the topic: “The Right to Education: How Can We…

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By / 11/19/2018

Interview with Renate Schröder

On Monday 5 November, the World Solidarity Forum and Beyond Brussels podcast team brought together four illuminating speakers at the…

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By / 11/19/2018

The Climate Change Refugee: Feared and Unprotected

Written by Zoheb Mashiur A simple Google News search for the term ‘climate refugee’ shows no shortage of activity. Publications…

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By / 11/07/2018

Event Report: 100 Years of Covering Conflict

On November 5th, 2018, the World Solidarity Forum (WSF) hosted the event ‘100 Years of Covering Conflict’, in cooperation with…

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Refugees, Series
By / 10/29/2018

India and the Rohingya Crisis (Part 1)

Written by Mazhbeen Siganporia India has a long and positive history of opening her doors to refugees and has, in the…

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By / 10/25/2018

‘The European Migrant Crisis’ Hijacks the Narrative

  Written by Zoheb Mashiur Let us discuss numbers. The problem with these figures is that they refer to sums of…

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By / 10/18/2018

The Impact of the Refugee Crisis on The Belgian Local Elections

Written by Zahra El Bouhali According to numbers published by the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons,…

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Event Report
By / 10/18/2018

Event Report: The Shifting Status of Asylum Seekers in the EU

On October 11th, 2018, the World Solidarity Forum hosted the event, ‘The Shifting of Asylum Seekers in the EU’, at…

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By / 10/14/2018

Interview with Dr. Torsten Moritz

 Stephanie Woronko and Julie Linden sat down with Dr. Torsten Moritz, General Secretary of CCME, to elaborate on key topics…

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By / 10/13/2018

The Importance of Post-Conflict Reconciliation

Written by Alfred Spencer The post-conflict reconciliation process is an aspect of war that is often not considered. Countries have plans…

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By / 10/10/2018

Understanding EU’s Role in the MENA Region: The Threat of Terrorism

Written byJohanna Stapelberg The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are fragmented and unstable regions due to ongoing security issues…

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By / 09/29/2018

Event Report: The Unspoken Side of the Migration Crisis in the EU

On August 8th, 2018, the World Solidarity Forum hosted the event of the Unspoken Side of the Migration Crisis in…

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By / 09/15/2018

Why Bolton’s Attack on the ICC Shouldn’t be Ignored

Written by Alfred Spencer This week Trump’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton, decided that the International Criminal Court (ICC) was “fundamentally…

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By / 09/04/2018

The US and the Immigration Crisis

Written by Alfred Spencer On June 19th, 2018 the world became painfully aware of the situation at the United States southern…

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By / 06/22/2018

We Demand The End of Trump’s Abusive Migration Policy of Separating Children from Their Families

During the last few days we have witnessed the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, adopting a…

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By / 06/06/2018

Contribution: How the Lack of Freedom of Expression Undermines Democracy

Written by Aída Araceli Patiño Álvarez What distinguishes a democratic regime from one that is not is the absolute respect for…

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By WSF Team / 05/25/2018

Event Report: Rescuing Press Freedom – How to Protect Journalists in the World?

(pictures by Bruno Mariani) On the 24th of May, the World Solidarity Forum had to pleasure to host its event…

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By / 05/03/2018

Info Article: Journalists Under Attack – How Can We Help Them?

Our values of human rights, peace, democracy and the protection of the most vulnerable all depend on our ability to…

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By WSF Team / 04/26/2018

Event Report: WSF Networking Drinks N.2

The WSF is an NGOs platform that was born from the idea that association working on similar topics, like human…

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By / 04/06/2018

Info Article: A Force for Change – Young People Fighting for Democracy

In the last few year, in different parts of the world, we have seen citizens taking action to defend and…

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By WSF Team / 03/28/2018

Event Report: Upholding the Rights of Women – Global Actions to Stop the Violence

The World Solidarity Forum has run, across the month of March 2018, a campaign to raise awareness about the many…

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By / 03/21/2018

Info Article: The Spotlight Initiative

Violence against women is a one of the most common form of human rights violation in the world. The UN…

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By / 03/15/2018

Contribution: If We Stop, The World Stops

This article is a contribution to our blog by our volunteer Paola Hernandez. She joined the World Solidarity Forum as…

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By WSF Team / 03/08/2018

Event Report: Gender Inequality in the EU Institutions

March is the month when the International Women Day happens. We at the World Solidarity Forum believe it should not…

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By / 02/28/2018

Contribution: Hybrid Regimes – The Case of Mexico

This article is a contribution to our blog by our volunteer Aída Araceli Patiño Álvarez, PhD candidate at the Faculty…

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By WSF Team / 02/22/2018

Event Report: WSF Networking Drinks for NGOs

On the 21st February 2018, the World Solidarity Forum organised its first drinks for NGOs. It invited Brussels-based organisations working…

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By / 02/15/2018

Contribution: The Impact of the USA Picking Sides in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Written by María Maldonado The status of the city of Jerusalem has been long-disputed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict due to religious…

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By / 02/09/2018

Info Article: The Voices of Our Volunteers Are Coming to Our Blog

The World Solidarity Forum constantly campaigns for the respect of human rights globally, for a more active effort of the…

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By WSF Team / 01/31/2018

Event Report: Fight for Independence – Human Right or Political Game?

The question if homogeneous cultural groups living in territories that are part of a broader nation have the right to…

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By / 01/25/2018

Info Article: The Right of Self-Determination in International Law – How Does It Apply in Practice?

Even though the right to self-determination has come under the spotlight on numerous occasions throughout the last decades, the European…

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By / 01/19/2018

Guest Article: The Fight for Territorial Self-Determination. Why Do Some Lives Still Matter More Than Others?

By Ioana Alexandra Tache, guest columnist and activist in human rights. Catalonia’s recent push for independence has captured international attention…

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By / 01/11/2018

Info Article: Is Regional Independence a Human Right or a Political Scheme?

Across history, we have often seen the struggle of local populations to affirm an independent political unity from a broader…

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By WSF Team / 12/13/2017

Event Report: Between Nuclear Power, Politics and Humanity

Nuclear proliferation is one of the main security concern of the last seventy years as nuclear war could lead to…

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By WSF Team / 11/24/2017

Event Report: The Oppression of Free Voices

On the 23rd November 2017, the World Solidarity Forum hosted an event aiming to shed light on what the EU…

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By / 11/20/2017

Info Article: The EU Is Committed to Defend Freedom of Speech in the World

On 2 November 2017, we have celebrated for the first time the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against…

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By / 11/13/2017

Guest Article: Freedom of Speech – A Controversial Idea Worth Fighting For.

By Ioana Alexandra Tache, guest columnist and activist in human rights. No matter where we come from we believe in…

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By / 11/02/2017

Info Article: What Can We Do To End The Oppression of Free Voices in the World?

There are many countries in the world where people are punished for freely speaking their mind. These might be journalists,…

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By / 10/18/2017

Info Article: The EU Instruments to Deter the Use and Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Given the recent developments in foreign policy, we have become more aware of the threat of nuclear weapons and their…

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By / 10/13/2017

Guest Article: The World Today Between Nuclear Powers and the Power of Humanity

By Ioana Alexandra Tache, guest columnist and activist in human rights. In general, we are mostly interested and affected by…

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By / 10/05/2017

Info Article: Only Two Minutes To Midnight – How Close Are We to Nuclear War?

With this article, the World Solidarity Forum starts its campaign running through the month of October 2017 to raise awareness…

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By / 07/26/2017

Event Report: The World Solidarity Forum Launch Event – EU Global Strategy: Conflict Resolution and Women Empowerment

On July 13, 2017, the World Solidarity Forum hosted its official launch event at the Press Club Brussels Europe. After…

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By WSF Team / 05/12/2017

Event Report: Migration Talks #3 – The Global Race for Talents

The EU Parliament welcomes the Migration Talks! The recent conference “The Global Race for Talents”, co-organised by Uphold Europe (UE)…

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By WSF Team / 03/09/2017

Event Report: Inclusive Empowerment and Women Solidarity 2020

World Solidarity Forum brought expert speaker for a discussion and a workshop on women empowerment followed by a networking evening.

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By WSF Team / 01/30/2017

Event Report: Press Café – Territories Torn Apart. How Can The EU Take Action?

EYfHR proposed a series of events that focus on bringing light to matters very much actual, but long forgotten conflicts with the first event of the year “Territories torn apart. How can the EU take action?”.

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By WSF Team / 12/15/2016

Series Report: The Climate Change Series

In November 2016 the World Solidarity Forum launched a series of interactive talks on climate change, which aimed at understanding what climate change is, how it impacts the everyday lives of people and what actions need to be taken.

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By WSF Team / 12/08/2016

Event Report: Climate Change Series – Create Your Own Climate Action Campaign!

In our workshop, we looked at several components of climate change communication which need to be taken into consideration when designing campaigns and/or messages on climate change.

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By WSF Team / 11/24/2016

Event Report: Climate Change Series – Climate Action at Local, EU and International Levels

The goal of this event was to find ways how to turn the challenge and threat of climate change into the biggest opportunity to move forward in a different, conscientious and sustainable way globally.

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By WSF Team / 11/22/2016

Event Report: Kashmir – Another Syria in the making. Is Europe ready?

In order to elaborate on the topic of EU involvement in external conflict, this event raised awareness on the developing unrest in Kashmir, with the help of human rights, legal and media experts.

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By WSF Team / 11/15/2016

Event Report: Climate Change Series – Introduction and Inter-Linkages

The aim of the first event was to show how climate change does not exist in isolation and how to look at it in terms of its relation and connection to other important issues.

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By WSF Team / 10/24/2016

Event Report: Press Café – Active Citizenship Tackling EU and International Crises

This networking discussion gathered representatives from academia, NGOs and media to discuss the role active citizens can take in shaping European policies.

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By WSF Team / 10/19/2016

Event Report: Press Café – Women in Conflict

ISC Paris and World Solidarity Forum Partners organised an event exploring why women and children are usually the ones who suffer most of the repercussions of conflict.

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By WSF Team / 09/21/2016

Event Report: Press Café – Democracy in the 21st Century

ISC Paris and the World Solidarity Forum Partners have hosted the first Press Café to critically re-evaluate if the governance system we adopted works, for whom it does and if it is possible to make it work for everyone.

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By Nadia / 08/18/2016

Event Report: Media Buzz versus Quality Journalism

This event invited participants to discuss different contemporary challenges in nowadays media.

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By Nadia / 07/18/2016

Event Report: Managing Crises – Is European Unity Essential for Sustainable Peace?

The World Solidarity Forum Partners welcomed young professionals and activists to learn more and discuss about the current challenges faced by the European Union in managing crises and the peace-building processes. The event was hosted by 4041 Space in Brussels.

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By Nadia / 06/28/2016

Event Report: Women Empowerment In Conflict Zones – A Comparative Perspective

The Institute of Strategic Communication and World Solidarity Forum partners held a panel discussion to present the harsh conditions which women in conflict zones have to face daily and to raise awareness on the different positive initiatives meant to empower them

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By Nadia / 05/02/2016

Event Report: Understanding The Sustainable Development Goals And Their Impact

ISC Paris, with the help of the World Solidarity Forum, organised a discussion on the UN’s Post 2015 Agenda and on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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By Nadia / 02/25/2016

Event Report: Meet Our Partners! Networking with Human Rights Organisations

After the launch of the WSF, many human rights activists and organisations have shown interest in joining the platform. In doing so, WSF Partner Organisations kindly invited anybody interested in human rights activism to join fro a briefing session.

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By Nadia / 01/15/2016

Event Report: World Solidarity Forum – Project Presentation & Workshop

On January 15th 2016, the World Solidarity Forum set up an event in order to further connect with human rights NGOs from around the world.

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By Nadia / 12/03/2015

Event Report: World Solidarity Forum – Round-table Discussion

On December 2nd 2015, on the initiative of the European Youth for Human Rights (EYfHR), the Press Club Brussels hosted a roundtable discussion on the launch of the World Solidarity Forum (WSF).

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