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Event Report: Managing Crises - Is European Unity Essential for Sustainable Peace? – World Solidarity Forum

“Integration is a two-way process – both member states and the local communities have to help integration, and people who support the process should be more vocal, more active.” – Juliana Santos Wahlgren, European Network Against Racism

On 18th of July, the World Solidarity Forum Partners welcomed young professionals and activists to learn more and discuss about the current challenges faced by the European Union in managing crises and the peace-building processes. The event was hosted by 4041 Space in Brussels.

Addressing home-grown radicalisation and an increasing number of refugees fleeing war and prosecution have been some of the key challenges fuelling political divisions in Europe. As complex realities continue to emerge, it is increasingly difficult to find find a common European vision to address them. Representatives from academia, NGOs and media working in the fields of peace-building, democratisation and anti-radicalisation engaged with the audience in a discussion on the state of play of the European Union. The main objective of the event was to rediscover whether the European solidarity clause ingrained in the Lisbon treaty  is enough for the EU  to maintain peace within its own borders and continue as a global actor in conflict regions around the world.




Davide Cesario Castro – Co-founder, World Solidarity Forum


Birwe Habmo ­- President, Migration Pour Tous

Giulia Paravicini – Reporter, POLITICO Europe

Juliana Santos Wahlgren ­- Senior Advocacy Officer, European Network Against Racism

Vlado Kmec –  Research Fellow, University of Cambridge and University of Groningen

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