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Info Article: The Voices of Our Volunteers Are Coming to Our Blog – World Solidarity Forum

The World Solidarity Forum constantly campaigns for the respect of human rights globally, for a more active effort of the international community in conflict resolutions, for the end of violence on women in war zones and everywhere else, for a sustainable development global agenda and for other causes that can lead to a better tomorrow. We are extremely thankful and happy that we are supported in our work by volunteers who contribute to make sure our events and activities run smoothly and reach out to as many people as possible.

Our volunteers are people passionate about working for a more just and peaceful world. Besides their contribution to our activities, they provide us with knowledge and insights on different topics and help us tackle questions in the way most conducive to have an impact in international debates. As the World Solidarity Forum is a cooperative platform, we also believe it is very important that they are able to make their voice heard and show how much they contribute to our cause.

For this reasons, from now on you will be able to read article and contributions authored by them on our blog. They will usually be connected to theme of out monthly campaigns, but our publications for the month of February 2018 will all be authored by our volunteers who will discuss what they believe are important issues relevant to the WSF’s work . So you can expect coming articles about the peace process in the Middle-East, the importance of democracy and other topics that have been at the hearth of our work since the beginning of the platform.

Stay tuned for more and if you too feel you want to volunteer with the WSF’s team, you can do so here.

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