Event Report: Inclusive Empowerment and Women Solidarity 2020

Throughout history, women empowerment has gone a long way. Yet often classic feminism most strongly represents “Western” idea of female emancipation, which appears to represent voices of all women.



To discuss the need for newly defined solidarity, World Solidarity Forum brought expert speaker for a discussion and a workshop. Joining the debate were Erika Kaneza (Coach and Founder of Dare Authenticity), Nadia Aimé (Founder & Executive Director of Women Mentor Association) and Manel Mselmi (journalist in Almouwatin TV).

The debate highlighted that inclusive feminism should recognizes our differences yet works towards common goals, and ensure it is does not exclude the voices of Muslim women, women of colour and especially women in conflict zones who face a whole set of extra challenges.

Young professionals, policy makers and activists who joined the soirée, agreed on the importance of supporting women empowerment in the European Union, and also on  the need to translate this into worldwide solidarity with fellow women in different cultural contexts and in such challenging situations as war.

World Solidarity Forum has highlighted its commitment to plan future initiatives to support the activists in showing solidarity with their fellow sisters around the world.

The evening ended with open reception and a guest performance by violinist Sylwia Malachowska.



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