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Event Report: Climate Change Series - Create Your Own Climate Action Campaign! – World Solidarity Forum

At a first glance, climate change communication translates to informing, warning, educating, persuading and mobilizing. However, looked in depth, climate change communication is a much more complex process. It includes a variety of messengers who transmit all too often opposing messages through an ever-changing number of channels. It targets various audiences who carry their own values and attitudes, and who actively perceive and construct their own meanings. It is through these very processes that societies develop climate change awareness, understanding, concern and action.

In order to design effective campaigns and relay messages that are well perceived and taken into account, we looked at several components of climate change communication which need to be taken into consideration when designing campaigns and/or messages. These are identifying audiences and messages, noting the psychological barriers that prevent people from engaging in pro-environmental behaviours and setting basic guidelines to follow when one is having a conversation with a climate change denier. We had the support of journalists and experts in singling out these factors.



List of guest speakers:

  • Katja Vuori (Journalist) – Identifying Audiences
  • Mieke Kooistra (Journalist) – Messaging
  • Antonina Radeva (Expert in human rights and climate change) – Identifying Psychological Barriers to Climate Change Action and Communication
  • Klementina Dukoska (Climate Reality Project trained leader) – How to talk to a climate change denier

Participants were invited to split in teams and each team designed an individual climate action campaign in a social media platform of the team’s choice, a collective/group environmental campaign and a sample conversation with a climate change denier. After each group’s presentations, participants were certified by ISC Paris as climate activists.



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