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Event Report: Climate Change Series - Climate Action at Local, EU and International Levels – World Solidarity Forum

The Paris agreement came into effect on November 4th and it committed all signatory countries to hold the rise of global temperature  to below 2 degrees Celsius. With this commitment comes a serious need for sweeping transformations across all sectors. We now have to come together and provide a very adequate and timely multi-sector response in order to move to a more sustainable future and minimize the ongoing damage we are causing to ourselves and the planet.

The goal of this event was to find ways how to turn the biggest challenge and threat into the biggest opportunity to move forward in a different, conscientious and sustainable way – both individually and collectively. ISC Paris brought on board guest speakers who are at the forefront of the climate movement and who presented the best examples of how climate action manifests on local, national, European and international levels.  Together with participants they discussed issues such as citizen mobilization, campaigning, technological change, policy competition and formation of various types of cooperation.



They explored in detail various climate solutions, which included both bottom-up and top-down approaches in order to adequately address a new climate regime where each one of us plays a key and conscious role to the best of our ability and capacity.

List of guest speakers:

Roland Joebstl – European Environmental Bureau

Zanna Vanrenterghem – Climate Action Network Europe

Adrian Joyce – EuroACE

Daan Creupelandt – REScoop

Guilherme Serodio – CORE/Borislava Yordanova – Humane Society International

Shamila Mahmood – SDGs Independent Academic Expert



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