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Event Report: Climate Change Series - Introduction and Inter-Linkages – World Solidarity Forum

The aim of the first event in the Climate Change Series was for participants to understand that climate change does not exist in isolation and to start perceiving it in terms of its relation and connection to other important issues such as conflict, gender, science, forestry and agriculture, adaptive behaviour and energy. Participants were organized in 6 rotating groups led by experts in the respective fields and were given an opportunity to discuss and better understand how to bridge concepts and adequately address the intersectionality of climate change.     List of guest speakers: Prof. dr. Frank Pattyn (ULB) – Science and Climate Change Guy Janssen (Moja Global) – Forestry/Agriculture and Climate Change Konar Mutafoglu (IEEP) – Adaptation and Climate Change Shamila Mahmood (Expert on SDGs) – Conflict and Climate Change Kris Vanslambrouck (11.11.11) – Energy and Climate Change Nada de Murashkin (UN Mission in Darfur) – Gender/Health and Climate Change    
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